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Meet Cameron, the quintessential Chicago girl. Born and raised in the city of broad shoulders, she embodies the feisty and bold spirit of Chitown. Spirited and audacious, Cameron is an undeniable force of nature. Though she traveled back and forth to New York to finish her higher education in commerce, her heart has always been here in Chicagoland. 

Though business minded and pragmatic to a fault, Cameron is also a big dreamer. She is enamored with watching the creation of art, be it music or visual, and she appreciates the stamp it can leave on you and your soul. She is passionate about healing: medically, holistically, medicinally, nutritionally, spiritually and naturally. Get through her Chicago tough exterior and you will find a deeply empathic and generous soul. She is endlessly curious about world events, past and present. She loves hearing others’ thoughts and experiences on all of it. Having read just about every nonfiction book she can lay her hands on, Cameron will dazzle you with the depth of her knowledge on virtually any world topic.

Cameron daydreams of an evening at the opera (but only VIP seats please), as she is quite concert spoiled, having experienced some of the best in live performances. Just ask her about her most memorable. She has an artist’s soul, easily moved by art and performance. She is prone to daydreaming and is not afraid to dream big. When not out experiencing the best in music, Cameron is a connoisseur of fine wine and is fascinated with oenology, which dovetails neatly with her love of gardening. 

Travel is one area where Cameron has yet to find satisfaction. She longs for adventures abroad, exploring foreign lands and learning their cultures. Prague tops the list, but this dreamer is up for anything. Wouldn’t your next trip be so much better with her by your side?

Ethnicity: Caucazian
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 130 lbs
Dress Size: 
Shoe size: 

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