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Meet exuberant and resolute Diana. Born in Poland, this passionate and outgoing goddess thrives on under-promising and over-delivering. Take her lightly at your own risk. Honest, laid-back and friendly, most of her friends will tell you she never holds back on anything. What you see is what you get, and you are going to love what you see.

Diana is very much a people person, easily able to adapt to any given environment or situation. She prides herself on her dedication, work ethic and drive towards the things she is passionate about. You better believe you will feel that desire when you have her undivided attention. You will feel that energy smoldering just beneath her intense emerald eyes.

Cultured and worldly, Chicago has been Diana’s home for most of her life. She really enjoys traveling and exploring the world. She loves leaving the country and experiencing other cultures. Her favorite vacation was to the Philippines, where she did her first cliff jumping, and swam with whale sharks. As a natural thrill seeker, she is always up for crazy and adrenaline rushing adventures!

Having been raised traditionally with values to match, Diana has a tendency to always want to take care of the people in her life to make sure they are well fed and thoroughly satisfied. It is safe to say that she will put your needs in front of her own. She loves to cook. It is one of her passions aside from her first true love, health and fitness, as evidenced by her truly stunning athletic figure. Diana is college educated with a degree in Health and Wellness. She is very serious about working out, being active and just overall living a healthy lifestyle and hopes to find active gentlemen with similar lifestyles. If not, surely she can get you on track and inspire you.

Nationality: Polish

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 130 lbs
Dress Size: XS / S
Shoe size: 7, 7.5

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