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Primarily of German heritage, Gabrielle is also an enchanting blend of American Italian, Dutch and gypsy. Her genealogy traces all the way back to the Medusa ship. Pull out your history book if you need to. Remember with redheads: not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb. Gabrielle’s smoldering sensuality and passion are hidden treasures beneath her gorgeous exterior.

Gabrielle enjoys a wide range of intellectual interests and has pursued education in many areas, primarily in the sciences. She enjoys reading classical literature and non-fiction religious books and poetry.

Gabrielle ’s interests allow her to carry on conversation on a wide range of topics, but especially enjoys art, history, human cultures and dance.  If you’re lucky enough to experience her passion for entertaining, Gabrielle ’s experience as a dancer for most of her life will take your breath away with how her body moves.  Her most recent passions include circus arts such as Lyra, contortions, and pole dance.

There is much more than meets the eye with Gabrielle. She has a well-rounded and adventurous spirit, but there are some surprises in store for you. She can be a true homebody yet is an adventurer at heart. You may want to ask her about her experience in a dungeon. She has traveled mostly to the Caribbean and North America, but desires romantic getaways to the Dubai islands, the Taj Mahal, or anywhere with an exciting and significant history.

Gabrielle is interested in finding a successful, intellectually oriented man with an open mind and broad worldview to enjoy the good life with. Someone who is gentle and fun, old world charm in a modern man. She prefers someone who is educated and enjoys dressing up but doesn’t put on airs. If this is you, the only limit to the adventures you can have together is your imagination.

Nationality: German, Italian, Dutch
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