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Meet sultry Sarah, a stunning native of the Detroit area. Though she has returned to the place of her roots to be near family, she has traveled the world and lived in places such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Dallas. Her intellectual curiosity and adventurous spirit have taken her around the world, leading to diverse experiences ranging from dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower to getting more than a little frisky at a concert. She is full of surprises.

Sarah enjoys studying archaeological and anthropological books, as well as trying to make her way through the Barnes and Noble classic literature list. She is a wildlife conservation volunteer and has a special place in her heart for endangered animal rescue and preservation. She keeps up to date on world governments and events, and enjoys philosophy, especially Plato, Voltaire, and Epicurus. No wonder she has achieved goddess status. Sarah enjoys everything from the performing arts to hieroglyphs, Renaissance art and impressionist painting, and all types of music. Her passions include history and culture, literature, travel, food, tattoos, and art. Clearly, you will have plenty to talk about during intimate moments.

Sarah’s style is to genuinely take the time to ask questions and tell stories on dates, in order to get to know her gentleman on an intimate level. She truly believes the more you know about a person, the more deeply you can form a connection. That type of deep bond can lead to intense passion and sensual bliss. But beware, Sarah has a near photographic memory. Once she learns your passions, she will know you deeply and forever.

Nationality: Caucasian

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 105 lbs
Dress Size: 3
Shoe size: 6

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